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The first step involved in the treatment of cancer is to conduct tests on the patient to determine the type of cancer they might have. To do so, various tests are performed. These tests are not in the least done to decide the sort of disease yet, in addition, to realize whether cancer has spread to different parts of the body from its place of origin. Most commonly imaging tests are performed for this purpose. Determining the type and the places where it has spread, helps doctors provide the most accurate methods of treatment that aid in curing. 

Most cancers are determined by taking a biopsy where a small amount of sample tissue is extracted from the body and sent for testing. In cases where a biopsy is not possible other tests will be recommended. 

When choosing a diagnostic test, the following factors are always taken into consideration,

  • What is the reason to conduct this procedure? 
  • Whether the results will have an influence on the treatment
  • Your child’s experience during the entire procedure
  • What can be done to prepare your child for the tests
  • Medicines to be administered 
  • Whether there are any risks associated with it

Given below are some of the most common tests that are done. It is to be kept in mind that not all tests will be taken. Guarantee that the tests are taken in a pediatric specialty community under the management of a pediatric trained professional. 

For the diagnosis of pediatric cancer, the following rests are taken,

  • Blood tests
  • Bone marrow aspiration
  • Spinal tap
  • PET-CT or PET
  • MRI
  • Radioisotope study or study of the scans.
  • Biopsy.
  • Ultrasound. 
  • CAT or CT or scan. 

These tests may sometimes be repeated during the course of the treatment for doctors to understand how well the child responds to the treatment. Consult the healthcare specialist on the procedure for preparing your child for the tests. 

When the tests are finished, your kid’s primary care physician will survey the outcomes, and the category of cancer will be determined. This is called ‘Staging’ and from then on the appropriate diagnosis will begin. 

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