Arts for Life Program at NH BLUME

Novant Health Blume clinic offers art therapy for children to keep them engaged and at the same time improve their developmental skills.

What is Art Therapy?

When children do the things they love the most it takes their minds off things and makes them feel less worried about the upcoming challenges. For some, it can be reading, while for some it can be painting, and even listening to music. That is why Novant Health Blume clinic offers art therapy and the art therapy specialists trained to do the job use various visual aids, art supplies, and images that the patient can understand and help them understand the patient’s behavior. Doing so brings their inner conflicts and personal concerns that they might address more willingly.

The children are provided with the liberty whether they want to be alone or they can work together in groups. In the Blume clinic, they will be provided the materials and anything they need to draw, paint, and sculpt. Expressing what they want or wish through art relieves them and at the same time helps the Novant Hematology specialists & therapists, to understand what the child needs and address their concerns. In case any child is extremely stressed or worried they are recommended to a child therapist.

Novant Health Blume Clinic’s Arts for Life Program

When it comes to taking care of our little patients,  Novant Oncology center provide nothing short of the best. The  Arts for Life Program is a program intended to improve the mental and emotional well-being of the children and help them to be more expressive at the same time speed up their hospitalization leading a stress free and relaxed life. On a follow-up conducted by the Novant Hematology center, children who were treated at Novant Health Blume clinic had a more positive outlook towards life and faced any challenges thrown their way with diligence and courage. Novant Hematology center aims to improve the quality of their childhood while they are undergoing a traumatic experience. Nhblume offer this program based on the idea that art can be liberating. Creation of art influences the brain chemicals that the children enjoy and with the happy hormones running through them, the road to recovery is not that far.

Novant Oncology center understands the benefits of the program and children willingly attend them. The following are the art programs offered by Nhblume

Young Artists

Children who are interested in drawing are encouraged and provided with all the materials that are required to exhibit their talents. These drawings are then exhibited in an annual exhibition conducted by Novant Hematology center. Most children draw their life experiences as to how they felt when they were undergoing treatment.

Young Musicians

Nhblume encourage children to sing songs and then compose music for those songs. They sing to their heart’s content and this is a fun activity for most children here. We have an in-house composer who works with the children and encourages them to sing either individually or in groups. And at Novant Oncology center, we have the most talented musicians among us!

Young Authors

Children who love to write are part of this program. The creative work of our young authors is exhibited or published in local newspapers. We do so to celebrate the young lives and the masterpieces that they have written. Nhblume encourage our young authors to collaborate with their siblings to produce a work of art such as a poem or a comic strip.

The specialists at Novant Oncology center always advise the parents and the caretakers to encourage the patients to boost up their energy. Because, NH Blume believes that with a strong will power and a happy environment can bring about a great amount of change in the healing process. To know more about the services offered in Novant Hematology center, click here.

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