Child Life Program at NH BLUME

At Novant Health Blume facility, we make sure that the child is experiencing maximum comfort by providing the highest quality care during their hospitalization. The child Life program that nhblume offers help to reduce stress that both the children and their parents face during the course of sickness and medical procedures taken in an unfamiliar environment. 

The child care program that Novant health Blume provides engage children in various types of everyday childhood activities to minimize their anxiety. The program offers therapeutic, recreational as well as educational activities to keep them both mentally and physically active. At Novant Oncology, we make sure that it meets their emotional and developmental needs during their stay at the facility.  

Hospitalization and hospital visits can be challenging situations for both the patients and their loved ones. The facility has a team of medical professionals who cater to the needs of the child and their families. These specialists help the child cope with the stress of undergoing a procedure or surgery. Our Novant hematology team offers whatever type of support they need throughout their surgery and visits to the emergency ward. 

Child Life Program Services

At Novant hematology center, child life specialists are trained professionals who perform the following duties:

  • Help the children prepare for a surgery or a medical procedure by explaining it to them in a developmentally playful manner so that they understand 
  • Promote development and attachment for infants, children, and teens
  • Reduce fear of the medical procedure by offering emotional support and distraction
  • Engage the children in playful and developmental activities at the same time be expressive of what they are feeling in such challenging environments
  • Teaching them various types of coping strategies to help them reduce stress and anxiety
  • Providing support to their whole family by means of their expert services

Being well-trained professionals, Novant hematology therapists team provides the appropriate support to children as well as their families while undergoing the therapy and throughout their child’s medical experience. 

In addition to providing overall emotional and medical support to the child and their loved ones, we also involve them in engaging activities and provide sound knowledge on what their family member is going through and the ways other members can offer their support during the time. If there is a sibling who is affected by the trauma we recognize their needs too. Nbhlume makes sure to provide services that make the child forget that they are in a facility by altering the environment as such to provide a stress-free treatment duration.

How do we render our child life program services to a child going through a procedure?

At Novant Health Blume, the child care administration work closely with the medical care groups to give an astonishing, one-of-a-kind, youngster amicable methodology that is customized to suit every single requirements of both the kid and their relatives.

Novant Health Blume services include,

  • Keep the child engaged and active. Make them take part in developmental activities such as games, arts, activities, discussion, music, etc.
  • Preparing them for tests so that they can face them with ease. We do so by making use of visual aids and demonstration
  • At Novant Hematology center, we follow proper methods for dealing with stress to both the kids and their families.

Other tips and tools

  • These suggestions are friendly advice to help your child get through the procedure that can be employed by the family members also.
  • Be strong to prepare your child for any medical procedures that they are about to face
  • Talk to your social worker in case you require any sort of assistance
  • Make sure you get the required medical needs and support for your child that is being offered
  • If a sibling is undergoing any sort of trauma or in need of help and support, talk to a professional and get the developmental support they need. 

For immediate support or queries, immediately contact NH BLUME.

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