Psychosocial Support at Novant Health Blume (MHPSS)

When faced with an impossible situation, it is common to feel emotional or psychological stress that is weighing down on you. Children are no different than us but unlike adults, they find it difficult to express what they are feeling. This stress affects their families and their loved ones too and the reality of accepting that their life would not be as it used to be can cause them to have mixed feelings of pain, and disruption of everyday activities. It affects their mental health and makes them more vulnerable to various types of disorders. When children do not know how to express their feelings they become angry and frustrated and display behavioral issues. Each child has their way of coping with their problem and with our guidance and support it can be managed effectively.

We at Novant Health Blume understand what these children and provide the necessary emotional and mental health support they need during these testing times. You know more information about general health related topics, by visiting our newsroom.

Novant Health Blume psychosocial support (MHPSS)

It is difficult for the child to understand what is going on with their body as it is without their parents worrying about them and providing an extra emotional burden. Negative feelings not only affect the mental health of the child but as a connection also take a toll on their physical health. Novant Hematology specialists provide the necessary education both for the parents and the children to help create a better community.

We extend our benefits worldwide and the services that we provide help people recognize if they have been suffering from any conditions and get them treated immediately before it becomes too late. We do so by starting with basic psychological first aid through expert mental care specialists.

What makes people experience such negative mental conditions? Certain people cannot bear to see armed conflict or attacks, lives lost in natural disasters or war, and other traumatic events, if exposed to such circumstances, the impression that the memory creates haunts them so much that their mental health starts to decline. The case is even worse for those who have experienced natural disasters, lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods, or personal torture or sexual assaults.

If these issues are not addressed or treated the earliest they can manifest into something worse and cause danger not only to the individual but also to the community.

Novant hematology clinic services extend to providing the best mental health and psychosocial support programs so that people can make use of them to improve their lives. The impact the negative effects have on a person is so great that it can take quite an effort to help them bring them out of it. Managing the triggers is also part of the treatment program.

What Novant Health Blume Offers:

  • We offer Psychosocial support services (MHPSS) for children having various types of cancer and undergoing various procedures for their treatment
  • Novant Hematology center sets up child support services that help the children cope with their issues
  • We guide the family member and provide them with the necessary emotional support
  • Educate the masses on the stigma surrounding the issue
  • Offer programs for vulnerable masses so that they have the necessary social and emotional coping skills to support one another and their loved ones

In countries where such facilities are not readily available, we send MHPSS professionals to help the children in need of the required help. In Novant Hematology, we dedicate ourselves to helping the patients in need, we do not take into account the distance, place, or time. We also provide other programs like Child life Program and also provide resources for financial assistance where you can benefit from.

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