Pastoral Care Program at NH Blume

Pastoral care Program is a practice that puts into action the policy and activities through learning and structural organization of a school to enhance the person to effectively meet the personal, social, and academic needs of the students and staff. Health is enhanced by a patient’s relationship with the external world. 

The Novant Health Blume offers quality pastoral care keeping the needs of the patients in mind. The following are the services provided,

The first stage involves engaging the community. The involvement of the whole community is the key element. Participation of valued members in society can encourage the other members to provide the required support and guidance for the patients.

Reviewing Staff Wellbeing is yet another important factor that has to be taken into consideration. It helps to keep in check, the effectiveness and the needs of the staff who are performing quality pastoral care services. Understanding their needs can help provide any further assistance they might need and their needs for financial support services can be heard. 

Reviewing the results of student well-being helps to understand the needs and activities of students who are actively participating in community service. This is an essential review that is conducted in order to track their school improvement. 

Novant Health, uses data to assess the quality pastoral care practices that are currently in place. The data that is to be analyzed is collected from the schools of the particular locality where the children actively engage themselves in community services. This helps to understand the effectiveness and how far it has reached and the lives they have influenced. The data is collected from schools, individuals, and various other groups. 

Once the data collection is done, the results are received and discussed as to whether any other new methods need to be implemented or whether any additional practices are required. By making use of new and updated methods, the achieved results are much greater than what was. 

Help the staff to think about and reflect on their activities, teachers, and mentors play an active role in helping these children. Though they know they are making an impact in the lives of the children it is necessary for them to reflect on their activities and bring to their mind the facial expressions of each and every child. At Novant health, even if a single child is not involved in any activities conducted they should change their method to suit the needs of both the particular child and the group. 

Should have an idea of what practices should be followed and those that should be stopped. Every child should feel involved, happy, and content after each session. This is the desired outcome that one should aim to follow. Here at Novant Health Blume, we involve the children in different kinds of activities so that they do not feel monotonous or bored.

The roles and activities of each service member should be distinguished. This creates a safe and supportive environment for both the children and the members. A quality pastoral care Program creates a cheerful environment. The more cheerful the environment, the more the children enjoy the therapy. 

Regularly updating the progress will help management be aware of the activities that are happening in their facility. It is mandatory to keep a progress check and also make sure that the implemented activities are being carried out effectively. 

The most important of them is providing the necessary resources and financial support. In order to put their thoughts and ideas into action, in addition to strategic planning, there has to be a new method implemented to make sure everything is going on smoothly. A ‘master plan’ is the key to the effective functioning of the pastoral care program in the Blume clinic.

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