Dr. Christine Bolen

Dr. Christine Bolen lives life with a simple philosophy: “Pursue what you are passionate about in life and you will always be happy,” she said. “Do not settle for anything less.”

What makes Dr. Bolen happy? Besides her husband and two sons, Dr. Bolen loves practicing medicine, especially hematology and oncology. “I love to learn, and practicing medicine is a lifelong commitment to learning and helping others,” Dr. Bolen explained. “I love the innovative medicine associated with hematology and oncology.”

Dr. Bolen also enjoys the personal connections she has with her patients at Novant Health Blume Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. “The opportunity to be a part of the sometimes long journeys these patients endure and see the grow up is really special,” she said. “These inspirational children make me smile everyday!”

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