Early Puberty

The complex arrangement of organs known as the endocrine system directs body capabilities including growth and puberty. A few therapies for childhood cancer can harm these organs and cause various issues, including beginning pubescence sooner than typically anticipated (precocious pubescence ).

What is precocious puberty?

Precocious pubescence happens when children have indications of puberty at a younger age than generally anticipated. Most specialists concur that kids have the condition in the event that they foster sexual qualities (like pubic hair or development of breast ) before age 8 years in young ladies and before age 9 years in young men. Generally, puberty starts between ages 8 and 13 years for young ladies and 9 and 14 years for young men.

As well as having early indications of pubescence, children with precocious puberty frequently have a growth spurt with quick bone development. Yet, bones that developed early have less opportunity to develop, which brings about a last grown-up level that is a lot more limited than typical.

Is my child at risk?

Radiation to the head or brain(counting eyes, ears, nose, or mouth regions) can harm the nerve center and pituitary organs. The harm makes them signal the ovaries (in young ladies) or testicles (in young men) to make hormones sooner than typical, provoking indications of pubescence. In different cases, indications of adolescence happen as a result of changes in the ovaries, testicles, or adrenal organs.

Different elements that increase risk incorporates female sex, undergoing cancer treatment at a very young age, and being overweight.

Your kid’s primary care physician can arrange tests that will let know if the reason for precocious pubescence is in the cerebrum or one more part of the body.

Should my child be checked for precocious puberty?

All young cancer survivors ought to have a long-haul follow-up test no less than one time per year. This test ought to incorporate estimation of level and weight and appraisal of pubertal advancement. In the event that indications of quick growth or early pubescence are available, your kid’s PCP might arrange a blood test to check their hormonal levels. A few children could likewise require an x-ray that measures bone age.

How to know if my child has precocious puberty?

In the event that any hormonal issues are found your child will allude to a specialist in hormones (endocrinologist). Medication is sometimes used to stop pubescence for some time and to diminish how quickly bones mature.

It’s additionally vital to talk with your kid’s primary specialist about how you can assist with dealing with the emotional impacts of starting pubescence too soon. In spite of the fact that kids with precocious pubescence might look mature, their contemplations, feelings, and ways of behaving are as yet that of their real age. Your child’s PCP can suggest a psychological wellness subject matter expert if necessary, as well.

Risk factors for precocious puberty

Risk factors connected with childhood cancer treatment include:

  • Radiation to the head or brain, particularly in portions of 18 Gy (1800 cGy/rads) or higher, including the accompanying fields:

Cranial (entire brain)


Nasopharyngeal (nose and throat)

Oropharyngeal (mouth and throat)




  • Infratemporal (midfacial region behind the cheekbones)
  • Total Body Irradiation (TBI)
  • Female gender
  • Undergoing cancer treatment at a very young age

Assuming that the survivor has any of the risk factors portrayed above, or on the other hand in the event that there are indications of sped-up growth or early adolescence, the accompanying tests are suggested:

A blood test for FSH (follicle invigorating hormonal), LH (luteinizing hormonal), and sex hormones(estradiol or testosterone) level

A bone age X-ray (an X-ray that measures the formative age or growth of bone)

Treating precocious puberty

On the off chance that an issue is identified, a reference might be made to an endocrinologist (a specialist who spends significant time on hormonal issues). Meds might be utilized to briefly stop adolescence and to diminish the pace of bone development. It is additionally essential to early assess and deals with the mental impacts of starting pubescence as well. Despite the fact that children with precocious pubescence might have a full-grown actual appearance, their considerations, feelings, and ways of behaving are as yet that of their real sequential age.

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