Bone Marrow Biopsy 

This biopsy is usually done in the bone marrow of the child. Bone marrow is the light fluid part that is viewed in the bone. This is the production site of blood cells. 

At the point when a bone marrow aspiration is finished, a limited quantity of fluid from the bone marrow is extricated and inspected intently under a magnifying instrument. Correspondingly in a bone marrow biopsy, a modest quantity of a flawless piece of the bone marrow tissue is taken from within the bone that is then inspected intently under the magnifying lens.

In certain cases, only aspiration is required while for specific cases both the tests are done. 

Aspirations and biopsies are finished via trained clinical experts utilizing a little needle that is embedded into the bone. It is usually done on the hip bone or the lower back. 

For what reason is a Bone Marrow Biopsy done?

Bone marrow biopsies are done in cases in the event that your medical services expert suspects something is off about the bone marrow. It is often done in identifying

  • The cause of anemia 
  • The cause of thrombocytopenia
  • The cause of why there is an abnormal number of white food cells
  • If there is a presence of cancer in the blood, leukemia
  • To distinguish whether cancer has spread to the whole bone marrow
  • If there are any bacterial, fungal, and viral infections in the bone marrow that might be the case for a fever that is lasting for quite a time
  • Identifying the presence of any genetic diseases

At times, they are likewise done to collect bone marrow tests for methodology, for example, stem cell transfers or other testing strategies.

How to prepare your child for a Biopsy?

The procedure for biopsy will be explained by your healthcare professional and all answers to your question will be answered. You will be approached to sign an assent form for your kid. The consent form contains information on how the procedure is done, the risk, benefits, and the alternatives that can be done including the permission for various treatments involved.

Make sure that the doctor performing bone marrow aspirate for your child is familiar with their medical history and the medications that they have been taking. Additional questions can also be asked as to whether the child is suffering from any sort of allergies. Keep in mind to specifically mention if your child has any bleeding issues. Once they determine the time that the procedure is to be conducted, they will be asked to stop eating or drinking in order to keep their stomach empty. 

Before the start of the procedure, a numbing cream will be applied to the site, where the aspiration or biopsy is needed to be done. Depending on the type of procedure, your child will be sedated. Most commonly sedation medications are given through an IV.  Doing so will assist the patient with staying unconscious through the whole methodology. Parents and caregivers will be allowed to stay with the child through the entire process for support and reassurance.


The whole strategy of the bone marrow aspiration or biopsy will move past shortly. Your kid will be approached to change into a clinic outfit, situated on the test table on the stomach or the side. A germ-free cleanser will be utilized to clean the region by which the skin is disinfected. Checking your kid’s important bodily functions, for example, their pulse, circulatory strain, temperature, and oxygen levels in the blood will be consistent assuming your youngster is calmed. A pulse sleeve around the upper arm and a little finger clasp to screen the oxygen levels in the blood are put. When the fundamental arrangement is finished, a sedative medication is infused through the insensible spot on the skin to keep the kid from encountering torment as the bone marrow needle is embedded through the skin and delicate tissues. For the bone marrow desire, the specialist or medical caretaker will embed the needle into the site where the biopsy is required to have been finished and by connecting a needle, the example liquid is long from inside the bone.

For a biopsy, an alternate needle will be embedded into a similar region to eliminate a little example of bone, whenever it is done a swathe will be applied to the site.

Getting the Results

The sample collected from the child will be examined under a microscope by a doctor with expertise in the field or a pathologist will give the information to your doctor after which it is reviewed. In cases of an emergency, the biopsy results will be produced as soon as possible else the results will take about 1-2 days.  The outcomes won’t ever be given straightforwardly to the patient or the family. On the off chance that any bacterial movement is thought of, the way of life is shipped off the lab and the outcomes will be accessible in 48hrs. Antibiotic treatment will be started for the child while waiting for the result. 


A bone marrow biopsy is viewed as probably the most secure method that has negligible dangers. Though there might be some discomfort or pain during the time of the procedure, the pain at the site will subside after a few days. Bleeding tends to happen in extremely rare cases. If your kid is sedated during the method, there are chances that they could respond to the medication with a hypersensitive response or slowed breathing. If there are chances of any adverse reactions happening in the child, the medical team will work to resolve them right away. 

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