Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Utilization of steroids, for example, prednisone or dexamethasone can make your youngster put on weight definitely. This is because the components of the medication work in such a way to cause extreme appetite and a build of fluids. Consumption of steroids can cause increased weight gain in the face and belly, and increase their appetite causing them to eat more and often. To avoid such unhealthy habits, make sure that your child has healthy snacks several times a day and reduce the intake of salt, as salty food can cause fluid retention. They will gradually reduce weight once they stop taking steroids.

Weight Loss

The weight of the youngsters gradually goes down when they are exposed to chemotherapy or radiation therapies. The medical care group answerable for your kid will intently screen your youngster’s weight. Talk to them and seek consultation immediately if your child is not eating properly and refusing to take the necessary amount of nutrition during their therapy. The following are the nutritional interventions that need to be strictly followed, 

  • Make sure you stock up on all your child’s favorite healthy foods
  • Snacks or meals every 2 hours ought to be given
  • Here is nothing wrong with adding a few extra calories to your child’s diet. You can get them frozen yogurt or a milkshake and, even, spread some peanut butter on toast.
  • Try to avoid drinking fluids in between meal times as it can make them feel full more quickly.
  • The flavors of the foods that are being cooked should be strong to stimulate the appetite
  • Make sure your child is there when you are cooking
  • Encourage having meals after an exercise session so that they will feel hungry
  • Keep the food that your child likes within their reach so they can have it whenever they are hungry or feel like it. 

Oral, Tube feeding, and TPN methods:

Nutritional interventions are primarily done to make sure the child stays healthy and to, 

  • Prevent defects that arise due to improper nutrition intake
  • Promote growth and development
  • To reduce the complications and morality 
  • And maximize the quality of the child’s life

It can be quite a task to make a child having medical problems eat properly and stay healthy. They should be well-nourished. In such circumstances, there are different choices accessible.


Nutritional needs are met by providing the foods via the oral route. It can contain any sort of food including high calories, high protein, and nutritional supplements. All these can be highly beneficial for the child. There are situations where notwithstanding every one of the endeavors that are attempted, the kid having cancer growth will most likely be unable to retain or increase their weight and experience weight reduction. The major cause for this happening is that the child has low appetite conditions where eating and drinking can be difficult due to their illness and ongoing treatments. It is these factors that make it more than important to meet the nutritional needs of the child. In such cases, tube feeding care might be suggested.

Tube feeding:

  • This interaction includes embedding a slight, adaptable tube through the nose into the intestinal system. It is through this tube that the dietary formulas are given straightforwardly. This method of feeding can be done either in a hospital or at home. Parents are also trained to tube-feed the child if situations arise. This method makes sure that the child gets the necessary amount of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals, they can also consume regular foods too. 
  • Physicians recommend feeding tubes to be used at night before your child goes to bed and encourage them to eat normally during the day. Eating together with their friends or family can also have a positive impact on the child’s mental health and social life. 
  • In the event that circumstances require the kid to be furnished with drugs to battle nausea and vomiting, they can be regulated through the tube. Tube-feeding is highly effective as the child starts to feel better due to their body getting the required amount of nutrients. This will encourage them to eat and drink on their own. An extra advantage is that the standard working of the digestive system is kept up with as the sustenance is conveyed straightforwardly to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Young children start to adapt to this type of feeding within a few days while in the case of older children and teenagers, it can take some time. The tube of the nose can be a bother especially as they are more concerned about their appearance. The best way to deal with such situations is by having a peer who has experienced tube feeding to assist the children along with their parents. 
  • Assuming that a kid needs to go through this present circumstance while in school, an individual from the treatment community can visit them and make sense of the need for tube feeding care to the class. The children should never feel threatened for fulfilling the needs of their bodies. The other students should also be encouraged to participate in such decisions. 
  • However tube feeding care can be suggested around evening time, youngsters favor it assuming the tube is left set up without upsetting it. Before leaving the hospital the child will be provided a more permanent solution where a G-tube will be placed directly into their stomach or intestines. 

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) : IV Feeding

In case the child is experiencing severe issues in the digestive system, it is best not to continue with the tube feeding option to meet the nutritional levels of your child. 

In such cases, the nutrients are provided to the body by injecting them directly through the veins. The therapy goes by the name ‘intravenous hyperalimentation (HAL). This method is often recommended for those who have undergone surgery on the digestive system where regular food intake can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, and other complications due to their intestines being blocked. Parenteral nourishment arrangements will quite often meet the wholesome necessities of the youngster completely with the perfect proportion of calories, proteins, nutrients, and liquids. It can likewise be given at home.

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