How To Contribute Towards The Awareness And Fight Cancer

We at NHBlume are fighting for the future of every child diagnosed with cancer, so to achieve the goals we drive cancer research to solve the most challenging problem faced by pediatric cancer patients. In addition to this, we fund the research programs that are looking to find a cure for this deadly disease in hopes that one day every child coming to us will be cured completely. This feat cannot be achieved single-handedly by us. We require the encouragement and support of the entire community to have an impact on cancer research initiatives and to raise awareness of how difficult cancer can be for a child.

This is where the role of society comes into play. Irrespective of whether you are a parent of a child diagnosed with cancer or someone who cares, you can make a difference by getting involved and taking part in the various activities which are conducted by NHBlume.

A fitness challenge:

It is vital to bring issues to light that a dormant way of life and weight increase the possibility of creating cancer. In this way, to spread mindfulness, you can have a wellness challenge. It tends to be essentially as straightforward as empowering individuals to take steps rather than lifts or accomplish something seriously challenging like a run for 5 kilometers. The activities can be decoded based on the general fitness of your co-workers. 

Choose an event:

During this time there are months and explicit dates that are devoted to each kind of cancer. You can choose any one of those and conduct events on a local or global scale. You can center the activities on a particular color there or a symbol denoting a particular type of cancer. 

Hosting a fundraiser:

To extend monetary assistance to a neighborhood cancer emergency clinic, a disease research focus, or cancer palliative consideration you can have gathering pledges occasions.

Setting up stalls, and selling handmade food or objects made by people of your locality are good ways to do so. All the cash gathered from these slows down is given to our preferred clinic or noble cause. An elective technique would sell your pre-owned things through an online auction. 

A photo challenge:

Social media is a powerful tool so the best way to raise awareness is by utilizing the most powerful tool at hand. Photo challenges are gaining popularity and asking people to take part in them is an amazing idea. You can ask them to upload a picture wearing the particular color of specific cancer and tag their friends, encourage healthy eating by posting the images of the meal hand-made from scratch and create a frame for your DP to show support for the cause. 

Give out coupons for cancer screening:

Screening tests are done for certain types of cancer for the purpose of early detection. Early detection is highly important to detect the disease at an early stage. Doing so increases the chances of survival rates and improves treatment outcomes

Search for insurance agencies or drug stores that will assist with supporting the screening occasion.

Invite a cancer survivor:

This ailment is as yet an untouchable point in many societies and to date, cancer survivors face bias. So to break free from this extremist reasoning, request that a cancer survivor give a discourse at any neighborhood or virtual occasion.  They can talk about their conditions, the problems they faced and how difficult it was for them, and what recovery feels like. These kinds of stories can instill inspiration in the people listening and motivate them to have a more positive outlook, and stay positive and hopeful despite their troubles. 

Invite an oncologist:

Specialists who spend significant time in the therapy of cancer are known as oncologists. Demand them to direct an online course on the dangers of creating cancer and how it very well may be diminished. Practical tips for leading a healthier life can also be shared. 

Make the session interactive and encourage the audience to clarify their doubts about the most common cancer symptoms and the screening method for those. 

Create art:

Engaging people to make picture cards and paintings for cancer patients can be done. All can be collected and sent to the local cancer hospital or given to patients within the facility. Compose positive messages and incorporate entertaining drawings to make them laugh and ease up the mindset. Drawing on garden pebbles is also encouraged as they can be given away to patients as a token of love. 

Contribute hospital bags:

Not all cancer patients have comfortable conditions in the hospital during their stay. 

Cancer patients from lower pay families benefit from treatment provided at government offices in government facilities in trust fund hospitals where not all things are sufficient. So you can encourage the society to put together hospital bags containing essentials such as blankets based on the local climate, a pair of socks, some mints to help with nausea, bottled water, packaged juice, etc that you can give to make their stay more comfortable especially during surgery or chemotherapy.

Volunteer programs:

There are nearby bodies that offer worker types of assistance and work with cancer patients. If people are interested to join the volunteering program, they can be allowed or join either for single events or on a yearly basis. There are various organizations that take up such initiatives, they teach crafts and take music for children undergoing cancer treatment. This communication can encourage the youngsters and furthermore advances the workers.

Whatever programs that you choose to offer our patients to fight and end this disease in children, we assure you that NHBlume will be with you through every step along the way. 

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