Fever is most often a sign of a serious infection in anyone be it a child or a child having cancer. If the right treatment at the right time is not given, your child could become very ill. If your child has a fever, you need to call their healthcare specialist and notify them immediately. Do not give regular meds to your child without consulting their doctor. 

If you want to check your child’s temperature, you need to do so by placing the thermometer under the child’s arm. never take rectal temperature as it can sometimes cause bleeding or infections. You must always have a thermometer at home that works and the device should be used correctly. If you are asking your child home, you need to talk to their healthcare specialist about the things that should be taken into consideration about fever guidelines. 

If you are a caretaker of cancer patients, you need to adjust your viewpoint on how you think of fever. Before diagnosis, a rise in temperature or fever often meant that the body was doing its job of fighting off infectious germs and it was something that would go away after a proper rest. But now, it is not so, after diagnosis if your child is experiencing fever it is not the same. 

Certain cancer and cancer medicines can cause fever and the numbers on the thermometer can’t match the degree of chance that you are dependent upon. Fever can be highly risky if you have a weak immune system. 

What is fever?

Fever likewise known by the name pyrexia are temperature levels that are higher than the typical internal heat level. Fever is the body’s guard instrument against irresistible infections and microscopic organisms and it helps the safe framework answer quicker and better. Fever is just a mere indication that something is wrong but it does not exactly tell what is wrong. To distinguish the reason, the clinical group will lead an evaluation by asking you inquiries, inspecting you, and stepping through specific examinations, for example, a total blood count or blood cultures.

Working of the hypothalamus:

The part of the body that controls the body temperatures is known as the hypothalamus. 

The nerve center works by collaborating with the autonomic sensory system, the wrongdoing, the muscles, the endocrine framework, sweat organs, and veins to manage this interaction without really thinking too much about them. It does not consider the breathing rate, heartbeat, body fluid regulation, concentration of salt levels in the body, and body temperature. 

The messages that are shipped off the nerve center are gotten from the temperature receptor on your skin and the blood goes about as an indoor regulator. The temperature is set very high and the guideline happens likewise by making or delivering intensity to keep up with that temperature. That is the reason why shivering occurs due to the body creating heat. If the temperature is1higjht the skin and the lungs work to release it. 

What Is a Pyrogen?

The substance that causes fever is known as a pyrogen. Pyrogen can likewise come from outside sources, for example, infections, microbes, growths, medications, and poisons. The body likewise creates a specific sort of pyrogens in the cell of your safe framework like cytokines.

Why does cancer cause fever?

The cancer tumor can create microbes that can make contaminated due to its development of pyrogens. These slow down the typical working of the nerve center. The therapy that is for cancer can cause fever straightforwardly during the annihilation of white platelets and debilitate your resistant framework making the youngster exceptionally helpless against aggravation and contamination.

Weakening of the immune system can also be caused due to the intake of medications such as steroids and morphine. 

Is it essential to let your primary care physician know that you have a fever?

Try to observe the rules taught by your clinical group. If you are not sure about the proceedings, consult them immediately such as the possible side effects of the treatment, when the side effects that the child is experiencing the need to be reported immediately? And what are the side effects that need the person going to an emergency room?

You need to contact your doctor if you have a fever,

  • That is 100.4° F (38°C) or higher
  • You have chills or shivering
  • If the prescribed medications don’t show any effectiveness
  • Goes on for over 24 hours or on the other hand assuming it returns within 24hrs
  • On the off chance that you can’t take in that frame of mind in any liquids
  • Have it alongside different side effects that are deteriorating or new

What should I do if my child starts having a fever?

In the event that your kid begins feeling hot or cold or either, you really want to check their temperature each 2-3hrs and record the outcomes. If the temperature has reached a level that their doctor has specified, immediate medical consultation should be done

  • Intake of aspirin, acetaminophen/Tylenol®  or ibuprofen/Advil®   should not be done without consulting your doctor. 
  • Urge your kid to hydrate. In the event that they have nausea, ice pops are a decent decision.
  • Alcohol consumption and caffeine intake should be avoided completely. 
  • Take adequate rest and don’t push yourself to do things.
  • In the event that your head hurts or on the other hand, assuming you feel hot put a chilly material or ice pack on your head

If your child has a fever and has consulted their doctor, continue with the treatment procedure as recommended by their medical team. Intake of fluids, rest, use of cold cloths, and foods rich in nutrition should be taken.  The body is expected to consume calories yet carry out significant roles, for example, cell development, separating substances for giving energy, and taking out superfluous byproducts. This large number of cycles requires a steady stock of water and fuel like starches, proteins, and fats. The energy is further required when our body needs to heal from wounds, stress due to fever, or infection due to cancer treatments. give your body its prerequisite: the liquid, the food supply, and the energy it needs. 

  • Take foods that are rich in water content such as chicken soup
  • Admission of new organic products that furnish your body with the fundamental nutrients and cancer prevention agents
  • Take foods that are rich in proteins such as eggs, poultry, milk, fish, meat, lentils, cheese, beans, and quinoa.
  • Yogurts that have live and active cultures can give probiotics and proteins that the body needs.
  • In the event that your youngster or a friend or family member is in treatment, the fevers ought to be viewed in a serious way and ought to be managed immediately.

How fever works:

As mentioned earlier, pyrogens are the reason why the temperature of your body goes up. It is similar to a ‘thermostat’ in which beads are reset to a higher temperature. 

In this manner, your body makes intensity to arrive at that temperature.

The veins in the arms and legs constrict and divert the blood into the inner organs. This causes an increase in the blood temperature. You can conserve the body heat in your legs and arms by adding more clothes and wrapping blankets. This will diminish heat misfortune and make more body heat.

  • Heat is additionally delivered because of the liver action
  • At the point when you shudder, your muscles will likewise get heat

The interaction happens until you arrive at a new ‘set point’. Too much heat will cause the hypothalamus to instruct your body to reverse the process. The veins will widen and you will start to perspire, this is the point at which the fever breaks.

The reset  of the set point is caused due to the intake of antipyretic drugs such as aspirin and acetaminophen

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