Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Provider Program

Both theoretical knowledge and key principles will be mastered by the nurses to cater to the needs of the pediatrics with utmost safety. Their capability and consistency will be useful while overseeing chemotherapy and biotherapy. On completing the Nhblume Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Providers Program, the affirmed experts, when given data, brought fundamental practices up in the field.

Provider Courses

The Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Providers Program is a 2-day course. It is specifically structured for nurses who enter the field of chemotherapy and biotherapy to be administered to pediatrics and adolescents. It also lends a guiding hand to those who seek a comprehensive review of the practice.

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Renewal of Provider

The facility that hires these nurses should bear in mind that the nurses working in this department should be completely updated about the latest knowledge on safe chemotherapy and biotherapy administration. In order to do so, Nhblume approved the providers to renew their status. It is done so on a regular basis, with the first renewal will be done after 2 years of attending courses and thereafter it will be done after every 3 years to achieve a target score on the post-test.


The Nhblume Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Instructor Course is arranged and organized for those nurses who have finished and accomplished every one of the necessities of the supplier course and fulfill the capabilities required, and are prepared in a proficient way with the goal that they are fit for showing the course to their understudies. On dropping with incredible execution, the medical caretakers will be permitted to get back to their particular organizations to show the course as Nhblume Pediatric Chemotherapy Instructors who can give guidance and schooling administrations to different attendants who have enlisted for the course.

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