Regaining Erectile function and sex life with Levitra after Cancer

Cancer in itself is a pain to deal with. The different treatments can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, an adverse symptom of the cancer therapies. However, it is possible to regain sexual function through early intervention rather than delaying treatment. Among the different ED treatments available, Levitra has shown in medical research that it can help with erectile function after cancer. The drug could help overcome ED in cancer patients effectively. Get to know why ED occurs after cancer treatment and how using Levitra can help deal with the problem successfully.

How does cancer affect erectile function?

Impotency issues can occur as a symptom of cancer in some persons, and is often a sign that something is wrong with one’s health. The commonest type of cancer in men is that of the prostate. The treatment for the different types of cancers commonly includes radiation therapy, surgery, or chemotherapy. The effect of radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery is that the nerves become constricted. Also, important blood vessels can become damaged during the cancer treatment. This in turn affects erectile function as there is no proper supply of oxygen-rich blood to the penile region to produce a strong erection. For those who experience ED after cancer treatment, the problem can be treated if begun early. Delay in seeking help from the doctor can result in permanent sexual dysfunction.

How can Levitra help with ED from cancer treatment?

Levitra can enable the return to normal sexual function following cancer therapy. The drug is a PDE5 inhibitor and works by aiding the blood vessels to relax and fill up with oxygen-rich blood in order to produce to strong erection. This can occur only when there is sexual stimulation. It may take time for the penile rehabilitation to occur but it is possible. You need to give yourself time to heal first and this may easily take six months. Following this, consult with the doctor and see how you can restore sexual function with the help of Levitra.

Can I take Levitra for ED after cancer therapy?

The ED treatment with Levitra should be commenced only with the help of the doctor and it is advised not to self-medicate. Regaining erectile function with the ED medication after cancer is best done under medical supervision. There are some very important reasons for this. You may not have recovered fully from the cancer treatment and your health may not have recovered enough to engage in sexual activity. You would also have to know which Levitra dose would be effective for you and the right way to take it. Any drugs being taken can potentially interact adversely with Levitra and become harmful to you. The doctor will help in ensuring that Levitra is taken in a suitable dose for your body and include methods that can help stimulate the nerve endings to produce a strong erection. Life after cancer therapy does not have to be one without any sexual activity when you have Levitra on hand to help with the ED issues.