Helping Youth to get their sexual health back after Cancer

Erectile dysfunction might occur in a person due to cancer treatment. The risk is very high if the individual is affected by Prostatic cancer. Those who are undergoing the therapy and even the cancer survivors are prone to get affected by the impotency.

Not only prostatic cancer but all other cancers which involve surgeries, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, change in the testosterone levels, depression and stress might be the reason behind impotency.

When an individual gets affected by cancer the quality of life gets hindered a lot. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to psychological and physical issues. It is said that very gradually people with cancer develop impotency. When not treated at the right time, it would worsen and the condition becomes permanent.

The therapiesdamages the blood flow to the penile region, damages the nerves that cause the semen to flow out, and cause damage to the nerves near the genital area.

There is a big procedure for an erection to occur. A man has to be sexually aroused and that is when the blood starts to flow to the penile region. Usually there will be certain amount of blood flow in the penis for keeping it healthy. However, only when there is a rush in flow of blood erection would occur due to the pressure that is caused.

The erection would be firm enough and should sustain in this position until a man reaches the climax. Only after this the blood flow gets reduced and the genital area goes back to its original position.

There are two types of impotency and they are temporary as well as permanent. Young men would occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction due to stress or any such condition. However, they will regain their ability of erection the next time. Permanent impotency occurs in a person who is above forty to fifty years of age.

Since some of the young men experience impotency due to cancerit makes it difficult for them to have a natural erection. Although some of them naturally gain back this tendency most of them still lack it.

Similar to how these young men take treatment for cancer it is a must that they should get treated for impotency. This is because sexual health is also very much essential. It is a must that these men have to be sexually active to avoid certain issues in them. If they experience any symptoms that are mentioned below then they have to consult with a doctor.

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Difficulty to reach climax
  • No leakage of semen after climax
  • Leak of urine instead of semen after the climax
  • Change in the feeling while getting an orgasm
  • Pain in the genital area during sex

Make note of all the symptoms that you suffer and notify it to your medical specialist.

Treatment methods available for treating impotency                   

ED drugs

Let us start with the easiest therapy method. Taking erectile dysfunction medication would be the easiest and simplest way.

There are many pros in taking impotency drugs. There is no need to struggle and you would get affected only by minor ill effects. However this might not be suitable for men with severe heart condition and severe erectile dysfunction.

There are four popular impotency medications available in the market such as Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis and Viagra.

All these four drugs belong to the group of medications called as PDE5 inhibitors. This can help a man who can get sexually stimulated but it cannot be helpful for men who cannot get sexually aroused.

Vacuum devices

This can be purchased only once. This has to be fitted in the genital area. You have to pump the vacuum so that the erection would occur. It might not be comfortable to all and it would require more practice to get an erection. The penile erection might not be enough and it might bend.

Penile injections

This is the expensive method and it can be effective for most of the men. You have to learn to self-inject it. There are chances that you would get pain especially after the surgery for about a year.

Herbal and vitamin supplements

There are many herbal and vitamin supplements in the market. Most of them preferthese medications because it might provide no side effect. The best part is that it is also very inexpensive. But the truth is that, there is no actual fact that taking herbal medications would help a person to get an erection.

In fact there are various counterfeit drugs in the market that claim to be natural but it risks the health of a person who takes it.

You can talk to your healthcare professional and they would let you know about the suitable treatment options. But, it is a must that you have to start the therapy without much delay.